Damani Computers

DAMANI INDIA represent all important manufacturers of Computer Hardware and Peripherals. With its credentials, experience and resources at command, DAMANI holds a prime and domineering position in providing cutting edge Information Technology solutions in the areas of Hardware , Networking Solutions, and antivirus solutions.

DAMANI INDIA is full-service based web design agency with copywriters, designers, and programmers ready to focus on your business. Let us build an online website for your business in very cheap price. Website price always depend on the business type, delivered lines of code, time spent on design and we get this idea in telephonic meeting or by emails with client. The cost of designing and developing a website is generally measured in terms of person months of effort spent in design and development. We always draw a demo structure of website design in a paper after getting the client requirement, and then we insert these into the website development plan calculate the price of website. Price is mostly depends on the main home page design and its re-design. A website price is more if its contains lots of banners, image effect, functionality and forms on the home page as compare to insert simple content on the home page with navigation for simple website.

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